compatibility and strange bugs

  • Hi ,

    It said thats hand2note is winamax compatible but not dynamic hud , fine i could deal with that but i report you my try :

    I import from pt4 database , import not succefull , tournament game (expresso like spin and go played on winamax) are not imported at all .

    Next , HUD is not displaying on replayer , even with some cash hands , nothing appears .

    I'm frustrating because your soft looks promising , i love the ergonomy and intelligent feature .
    If you make it work normaly for stuff i would by it immediately ..


  • Global Moderator

    1. Could you please send to us the hand history sample of a tournament (where we can see the problem) by email to with a link to your message on the forum.

    2. The HUD appears in the replayer only if you click on the "R":
      alt text

  • year even when clicking the R button it doesn't work .. I will send you some report if i have time ,
    hope hand2note will be winamax compatible one day ,


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