WTSD filter for displaying hero's range

  • Hey, Do You plan to add option to set if hand Went To Showdown while displaying ranges, so we would be able to compare hero ranges to those of opponents that we see?

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    Maybe I do not understand your question correctly, but you always can compare your ranges with ranges of your opponents if you have hands with showdowns for these opponents.

  • Actually this comparison is not that simple. For example after 3betting AA from BB versus lets say BU we will go to showdown different percentage of time then when we 3 bet lets say 56s . Because of that the 3bet range that went to showdown will be different than actual 3bet range. For hero range that wee se in the program is actual 3bet range and range that we see for opponents is 3bet range that went to showdown, thats why it would be helpful to see the 3bet range that went to showdown also for hero ;).
    Of course this line of thinking also holds true for any other preflop or postflop scenario that is different than going all-in.

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    In order to estimate how the opponent sees your stats, perform the following steps:

    1. Click the left mouse button on any part of the HUD for your opponent, in order to open the general Popup.

    2. Click on the Settings icon and select Show Hero stats:


  • When I view my preflop ranges by way You just described i still see hands that didn't went to showdown. For instance if I point my mouse on 3 bet and see default popup for it, on a preflop diagram I can see all AKo hands where I 3 bet and opponents folded preflop. I would like to only see hands in wich also opponent have seen which hands I did 3 bet ;).
    Hope it is clear enough now. If you want any more clarification I would be happy to provide it, Cheers ;).

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    Thank you, it is clear now.

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