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  • Hi im creating a stat that shows up when SB openshove vs BB the problem here is that it works on replayer but not in game.
    ive created a few stats like this and they work correctly on replayer but they start giving problems if i try them on PS or Party, with PS even worst. is there anyway to fix this?

  • Im also having problems with my dynamic stats. Sometimes they show up, and sometimes they never do. What do I need to check/enable to make sure it is always working correctly? (Also shows up perfectly in preview but not at the real tables)

  • Hey mate, try changing sites and check wich site is better. For these stats is better to check them in sites than replayer. Let see if we can get some help.

  • My issue was fixed (this time or maybe the whole time?) by putting in my screenname for the wpn skin i was on, since i play a few different skins. Hopefully that was all

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    Unfortunately, Dynamic HUD is not allowed on PokerStars:

    FAQ. PokerStars software restrictions

  • Hi;

    ‒ What I am ALLOWED do on PokerStars?
    The following features are available while playing live on PokerStars:

    • Positional HUD showing stats depending on information known at the beginning of a hand: nicknames, stack sizes, positions and players number

    Im creating positional stats, its allowd cose it only takes information of the beginning of the hand

  • And why when i check a stat in replayer it works, but it doesnt in party, in party is allowed

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    You need to use StarsHelper or StarsCaption on PokerStars and PartyCaption on Party/Bwin:

    FAQ. Supported Poker Rooms

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