pop up, hands container + standard stats question

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    I tried to build my own pop up, I want to make use of the feature where we have a note container and also can make use of the 'note hand' feature. I don't understand how to get this feature working in my pop up. Here is a screenshot of the pop up and a preview from it.
    alt text

    Also the 'standard' stats are not showing up in my hud. The ones from the h2npro tools pack are. But the ones which were already in h2n aren't. These are; Call Open Raise [MP] and 3bet [MP;IP] for example.

    I tried to rebuild the stats already.

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  • Global Moderator

    Every time you have made some custom stats, then you should add these new stats in your Popup and rebuild your statistics.

    Please note that the Popup and HUD should be assigned for your Game Types before rebuilding. For example:


    Please also take a look at the next guide:

    Writing notes in Hand2Note

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