A few features...

  • 1, Please add "mark hand in progress" option. Currently, the process of opening "last hands" at the table, then marking hands from there is not practical, especially when the "last hands" list does not auto populate and needs to be closed/reopened every hand. This becomes more of an issue if using table positioning software and is almost impossible to keep track of hands when tables are being auto shifted.

    2, Control of replayer with hotkeys. The buttons are so small that replaying hands is tricky. Can we have the option to navigate hands with arrow keys for example?

    3, In the sessions window, it would be ideal to have the ability to show all hands from all tournaments/tables for the current session, which can be refreshed easily without having to reopen the window. For example, in PT4, during a MTT session, its easy to have the main window open and have a constant stream off all hands from the current session, with use of simple filters like "pot>20bb" or "saw showdown". Which enables us to follow key hands on all tables from one place.


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