Range research Hero vs REC/REG

  • Hey guys is there a way to do a range research for Hero stats vs specific set of players like just vs marked RECs, or vs marked group of Regulars. Thanks.

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    You can select all players with the same Marker to research their range:

    alt text

  • Maybe i can rephrase my question, can i build database with hands played only vs regulars (or add some filter in range research) and in range research to see f.e action profit for hands vs regulars and not profit i made in a spot playing both regulars and recreationals

    When i filter by a maker i get results of regs playing me and recs also in 3 way situation, i want to filter this somehow if possible. Thanks.

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    Hand2Note can exclude reg-vs-fish spots while building statistics. You can enable/disable this option in Configuration -> Other Options -> Statistics:

    alt text

    Please take a look at the next guide:


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