Hand are imported but no HUD

  • I've done everything I can. All instructions applied and I still can get my Hand2note Hud showing up. I use starshelper and everything else is set up still no HUD in zoom or regular tables. I can get reports of my hand and they are in archive folder but no HUD.

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  • @keepcalm I've done all this. What next?

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    Please check that you entered the correct path for Auto Import. Also, ensure that you don't have too many hands in selected auto import folders in Configuration -> Auto Import. If there are too many hands then Hand2Note will be busy by importing hands and will not show HUD stats until import finishes.

    If auto-import works correctly, you will see that Hand2Note counts hands in the lower left corner of the main window:

    alt text

    Please also take a look at the next guide:

    Getting Started with Hand2Note

  • I did all these things just like you instructed from the beging and I still can't display a HUD when playing on PokerStars regular or Zoom tables. There is nothing special on my computer just normal windows 10 on a Lenovo laptop. Why is it so difficult to make this program work like it is supposed to work. I think that you have lots and lots of work to do before anyone can pay you about this not working piece of software. Both other poker database software I tried worked instantly with out days of tweaking and installing whatever third party software. I give up too complicated. Good luck with your efforts to make Hand2note competitive. As long as it's this difficult to get it working I'm not going to be your customer.

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    1. In the Configuration -> Game Types, click Reset to default and then click the Save Settings.

    2. Ensure that you use English version of poker client

    3. Ensure that saving hand histories is enabled in poker client

    4. Go to Configuration/HUD/Autoimport and ensure that Hand2Note auto imports hands from the directory specified in poker client settings.

    If nothing helped then:

    1. Enable logging in Configuration/System/Logging
    2. Play several hands with HUD missing
    3. Close Hand2note
    4. Archive Hand2Note folder
    5. Send it to our email support@hand2note.com

  • Ok reseting "Game Type" to default helped. Now I can see HUD.

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