Stats for players from last x hands

  • Hi
    I think that very interesting feature can be option to show in HUD only x last hands for players. For example depending on HUD profile last 500 hands for Heads Up and other amount for 3way - that will be very usefull for spin and go games for example.
    In my opinion extraordinary feature can be option to change the amount of last hands showing in HUD independently for each player in game. That can be very usefull for player because in this format adjusts from players came very quickly and that will allow to investigation how game style of oponenet was changing in time.
    I know that can be very complicated to introduce and I know that you have many more important features to solve, but that is just a sugesstion :).
    You are doing great job ! Thank you ;)

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    Unfortunately, it is only possible to select a time period while building statistics:

    alt text

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