H2n won´t start anymore

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    It just gives me this when i try to start it now, but 10 mins ago it just kept restarting itself. It loaded up and then the small black window with code appeared, then closed and started again.


  • Seems to be working after I ran this:
    alt text

  • Hi all! Whats this problem? Not run h2n :(


  • Global Moderator

    Please, follow the next steps:

    1. Check that you have installed all the latest updates for Windows

    2. If you need to save your settings, copy your Config folder in a safe place before uninstalling Hand2Note:

      FAQ. Moving Config

    3. Uninstall Hand2Note.

    4. After the uninstallation has finished please delete all files from the install directory (default folder is located in C:\Program Files\Hand2Note).

    5. Reinstall Hand2Note.

    Then, run Hand2Note as administrator and check whether the issue persists.

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