HUD doesn`t show. Please help.

  • Hi there guys!
    Since over an hour i am trying to set up H2N. I do everything just like all tutorials, but I cant see any HUD. I play on PokerStars, all hands are imported and statistics-loaded. Auto import folder are the right ones. I even reinstalled postgersql on my other pc and tryied with brand new and empty database and wait till hands are collected and nothing.
    I use Poker Tracker also, but there everithing is OK.
    My settings in PS are on english and the time is OK.
    Is there some option that i am missing to show HUD or maybe i have to design a new HUD and cant play with the default one?

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    First of all, we recommend that you install the latest beta version of Hand2Note.

    You can download it here:

    It is highly recommended to uninstall the old version Hand2Note before installing the new version.

    If HUD doesn`t show, probably Hand2Note doesn't receive hand histories during auto import.

    Here are possible solutions :

    1. Adjust auto import from folders:

      a) in Configuration -> Hud -> Auto Import add the folder where your poker client saves hand histories of hands played. In the settings of poker client you may check where it saves hand histories.
      b) disable Import from side tracker database
      c) ensure that in poker room client you enable option responsible for saving hand histories on a hard drive

    2. Adjust auto import from side tracker's database HoldemManager 2 (HM) or PokerTracker 4 (PT):

      a) in Configuration -> Hud -> Autoimport check Import from side tracker database
      b) select your working database of HM or PT. Hand2Note will import hands from this database instead of taking it from folders of auto import.
      c) ensure that you started HM/PT while playing at the tables and activated selected database in it.

    We recommend using second solution if you use HM/PT and Hand2Note simultaneously.

    Also, ensure that you don't have too many hands in selected auto import folders in Configuration -> Hud -> Auto Import. If there are too many hands then Hand2Note will be busy by importing hands and will not show HUD until import finishes.

    If the problem persists, follow these steps:

    1. If you are playing Zoom/Snap/Fast Forward/Speed tables, then you need to use StarsHelper or SessionLord on PokerStars, 888Caption on PacificNetwork, PartyCaption on Party / Bwin, IPoker Editor on IPoker Network.
    2. When using the applications from step 1, make sure that the settings in the chat option are enabled Everything
    3. Update to the latest version Hand2Note
    4. In the Configuration Settings -> Game Types, click Reset to default, and then click the Save Settings.

    All applications as well as poker rooms you should run as administrator.

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