How do i recreate the hud shown on the website.

  • Hi,

    Currently, I am struggling to recreative the HUD I was led to believe I would have from your demo video & screenshot here: demo hud

    As it stands I have a username / background and some stats but nothing about positions, no red/green boxes and no position text inside the image circles..

    Now I am aware you need third party software.. I have a fully licensed and working starshelper, however I am guessing my way through the position template to try to recreate. My starshelper says "hand2note connected" in the bottom.. but i have no idea what that means or what functionality that then allows?

    My only current further complication is that i have to have PT4 up in the background and the import set to "import from database" - as I am currently testing the possibility to move to hand2note.

    Moving over and purchasing relies on me getting this HUD to work. Thx

  • Global Moderator

    Since version only simplified statistics profile was added by default. Official Hand2Note statistics package was added to the shop:

    Old statistics packages were removed.

  • Ok but I can't even find that hud in your stores?

  • Global Moderator

    As I said, old statistics packages were removed.

    You can find many ready-made commercial HUDs from third-party developers on our website:

    Profiles Shop

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