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  • Can we please have option to copy/paste ranges from software such as Equilab. It's such a pain to have to create many filters and have to manually add each hand for a specific range. PT4 has this option FWIW.

    Also, can you please add the option to combine multiple saved filters, for example, in PT4 I can select a "quick filter" which I have previously saved, and then combine another quick filter by clicking "append to existing"


  • Global Moderator

    1. You can export preflop ranges from Range Research reports to Cardrunners EV, SimplePostflop etc. with different weight calculation methods by right-clicking on preflop diagrams:

    alt text

    1. You can save your filters in files:

    alt text

  • @keepcalm

    Yes, both of these things I know, but none of your reply answers my questions.

    1, I want to import ranges into H2N from external software, to be used in filters.

    2, I know how to save filters. What I want is to be able to combine 2 or more filters that were previously saved. For example, in PT4, lets say I have separate filters for "open raise BTN with >30bb" and "open raise BTN <30bb". I can combine these 2 filters to show all hands where I open raised from the BTN with >30bb OR <30bb and access those hands from a single filter "open raise BTN"

    Hope this clears things up

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