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  • Hey guys,

    Can't get Range Research to work with expressions. I have a working fold-to-3bet stat. Let's call it "f3".

    I am using the syntax -

    Value(f3) < 40

    Because I want to see stats generated for players who fold less than 40 percent of the time to 3bets. Green check appears when I click verify.

    Problem is that I simply don't get any values for my stats. Even if I change the syntax to Value(f3) < 100 I don't get results either, so it can't be a sample size thing. If I remove the expression formula the range research analysis runs fine, and I get values for all of my filters.

    Can't figure out what's wrong here, any help would be appreciated.


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  • Thanks for the help.

    That seemed like an illogical way to kill 4 hours.

    The issue is that Range Research won't accept a filter as part of an expression if that filter has not been placed in a popup somewhere. This is even after using the clear/rebuild options on the main page. A stat not used in a popup is simply not providing a usable value for the sake of an expression in Range Research..

    The thing that I can't get my head around is that expression stats work just fine with filters that have not been used in any popup. So the pre-requisites for writing expressions to formulate expression stats, and writing expressions to be used as part of a Range Research filter are different. This is where the confusion is caused. None of this was made clear in the video on Range Research.

    Anyway, just in case it wasn't clear - I arbitrarily placed the filter that I wanted to use as part of the expression on a popup somewhere and recompiled all the stats. Works like a charm now.

  • I am just so lost with this software, wtf is going on dudes?

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  • Looks like you will need some basic understanding of the syntax they are using.

    If you can get your head around it the range research feature is awesome though.

    Perhaps you can be more specific about your problem.

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  • im lost also and im getting no good support. im having trouble with the expression strings. i just want to see HU limp cbet% vs me
    and the expression string says results should be true or false.

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