HUD layout/numbers not aligned perfectly

  • Inside HUD Editor

    You can see that the numbers are not all aligned perfectly

    Some are clearly too low
    Some are clearly too high
    Some are clearly too far to the left
    Some are clearly too far to the right

    I used the same font, all bold, all aligned the same AND I ticked the "Add a '0' to numbers that are single digits"

    From an Actual Table

    The HUD is extremely misaligned, way more than the original "Inside HUD Editor" pic.

    I put borders to check the alignment, it's the same without borders.

    3 lines of stats with (-) hyphens, and single digits and double digits should obviously still be aligned.

    Same Problems in Test Mode

    This pic also clearly shows the boxes/HUD not aligned with itself.

    Please tell me if this is a common issue, or if I am missing some very important piece of information I don't know exists, because its seriously tilt-inducing not being able to get a simple alignment on my HUD stats.


  • Ok, well I just created a new table, drag and dropped each individual stat into it's new corresponding square/box and it's aligned perfectly ONLY when all the HUD stat numbers show.

    If there is no stat generated yet, the alignment is still messed up which I guess isn't the end of the world once I learn my HUD like the back of my hand, but it still feels like there is still something not quite smooth with the way the software aligns the double hyphens (- -) and the Stat #
    Such that
    3 3 3
    3 3 3

    is good , but...

    3 - - 3
    3 3 3 will skew the alignment...

    Perhaps we could opt to substitute '00' instead of the double hyphen as an option or just make it one hyphen, or I dunno, something other than a double hyphen.

    Anyway...makes NO sense why drag and dropping the stats into a new table made the stats flush with each other...I went over the old table 10 times and meticulously aligned all stats and updated their font size and made them all Bold, and the table was totally out of alignment...

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    alt text

  • @keepcalm

    Well that really had nothing at all to do with my posts.

  • @keepcalm

    nvmind, thanks you, it actually worked, I just did not know what your picture was trying to tell me

    Now my HUD is perfectly aligned!

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