Forced Action Back to Tables while Typing Notes???

  • I am being forced back into my table action every time it's my turn at a table while I type notes in my pop up - There has to be a way to stop this???

    Currently I type here, I am not forced back to table action, in HM2 I was not forced back to table action.

    If there is no way to fix this, PLEASE add this to the next update

    It's infuriating typing 10 words and having to click back into the notes area 5 times just to finish my 10 word note.

  • @p0ker_n00b

    I'd like to bump this because it has not been answered yet and I'm literally timing out on all my tables just trying to type 8 word notes

  • Global Moderator

    Usually, you can adjust it in settings of a poker room. For example:

    alt text

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