You can't copy/paste the notes you write?

  • I write a line of notes in my note pop up...

    I proceed to copy/paste the notes because I wrote them in the wrong category...I have 2 or more note areas within the note popup

    But you can't copy/paste them? So now you have to delete the notes, and retype them - and since I am forced back to table action EVERY time it's my turn it makes for writing notes the most unfriendly system imaginable.

    Also "quick notes" isn't doing anything, It asks to "save" the quick note, but what does that do?

    We should be able to create a list of 20, 30 , 40 QUICK notes that we can just click "quick note", find pre written notes to put into our note pop up.

  • Global Moderator

    As usual, you can use COPY and PASTE in context menu by the right-click on a selected text of notes:

    alt text

    Also, please take a look at the next guide:

    Writing notes in Hand2Note

  • @keepcalm

    Ok I can say I got this working now, I did not know you had to go to "settings" then "quick note" then save it..I thought just clicking "quick note" should auto save the notes or something

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