PokerMaster relogin required

  • Hey guys, first just wanted to say I'm a big fan of the software.

    I'm trying to get H2N to co-operate with pokermaster. I've bought and edge license and it reads "PokerMaster relogin required" on the splash screen.

    I'm using emulators [MOMO]Multiplayer and have logged in and out repeatedly of the PokerMaster application. Occasionally the red message will turn off, but it will then turn on again.

    Also I'm interested in how the license limitations apply to PokerMaster coins - to play say 10/20+ what license is required?

    Many thanks

  • Global Moderator

    Currently, the converter for Pokermaster is at the beta test stage and will be available only in the next updates. Date of the next update is not known exactly because it depends on the success of a beta test phase. You will be able to see the summary on our website:

    Release notes

  • i use "dnplayer2" as emulator, but i can't see any info about "relogin" or smth
    i'm in Edge version, should i need to download Convert or do some setting? thx

  • Global Moderator

    You should wait. At the moment we have not yet prepared a version for the public beta test.

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