Mass clone by premade filters

  • Greetings,

    When mass cloning and choosing the option to clone using custom filter, I should be able to select a premade filter rather than needing to rebuild the filter every time.

    For example, I should be able to make a custom filter which shows me A-high dry board textures. Then, when mass cloning, I should be able to use that pre-made board texture filter to mass clone my stats.

    With the current set up, you have to remake the board texture filter every time - it's really boring and time consuming.


  • Actually, just realised it seems like this is possible.

    The issue is that is entirely not obvious how to do it. Little bit like needing to hold the CTRL key down to select multiple texture filters. The functionality is there but most people aren't going to figure it out without wasting a lot of time. I guess there are two approaches.

    1. Increase available documentation. Current vids/articles don't really do H2N justice at this stage.

    2. Make some of the features more obvious so training content is not required.

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