Starting Up Problems

  • just bought H2N. Imported database successfully.

    1. Started creating HUD, went on preview and after a while the 'number of hands' went to 0 on all players. I've obviously made sure the 'hands' stat in HUD is correct.

    2. Do we have to custom make our own stats, eg 3bet BB vs BTN, fold to 3bet SB vs BB, etc. Are these not standard? I've looked online and there is barely any tutorials on how to do this, without paying some poker coach. A 4 minute video is about all - ridiculous!

    3. Got zoom to work, but then the HUD didn't update as I went onto a new table, it kept the same player names. Tinkered with preferred seat but still couldn't work it.

    4. Tried uninstalling everything and start again, but when reinstalled it kept all my database and the stuff I had custom made. Is there a way of deleting all from memory? Not that I want to as I'd rather solutions to the above, but just interested.

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    1, 3)


    You can easily and quickly create all necessary stats with our Stats Editor:

    Creating custom statistics in Hand2Note

    Besides, in Stats Editor you can find many examples of default stats for our default HUDs and Popups:



    Please, follow the next steps:

    1. Remove database. By default, it is located in the next folder:


    1. If you need to save your settings, copy Config and Notes folders in a safe place before uninstalling Hand2Note:

    FAQ. Moving Config

    1. Uninstall Hand2Note.

    2. After the uninstallation has finished please delete all files from the install directory (default folder is located in C:\Program Files\Hand2Note).

    3. Reinstall Hand2Note.

    1. In 6max, would clicking UTG do the same job as MP1? As I'm trying to create a stat for 6max and fullring.

    For instance, 3Bet MP vs EP. In 6max this is MP2 vs MP1 (& all preceding position, although irrelevant in this situation). However in full-ring this would completely defeat the idea as the stat would include 3Bs from MP2 vs MP/MP1, i.e. HJ from MP. Whereas I want MP/MP1/MP2 3Bs from UTG/UTG1 opens.

    So to counter this I've done:

    MP 3B position = MP/MP1/MP2
    EP position = UTG/UTG1/UTG2

    Would this work for both 6max and fullring?

    1. When I come to preview my HUD, no player hands/stats show up. Says 0 hands for all players, and no stats are there. Even though I've imported over 500k hands from my old HM2 database...

    2. Just opened Pokerstars and the HUD wont show, even though I've checked about 5 times that all the settings are correct.



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    It's just the name of Positions and does not matter what they are called.
    The idea is that if you need to know how your opponent plays in 3 positions to the BTN (that is the MP for the FR and UTG for SH) for example, you create the filter you want, labeling MP1 position in H2N.

    So, you should use the following positions for 6max:

    alt text


    Every time you have made some custom stats, then you should add the new stats in Popup/HUD and rebuild your statistics:

    alt text)

    Please note, the Popup/HUD should be assigned for some of your Game Types before rebuilding:

    alt text


    Please check that you have entered the correct path for Auto Import. Also, ensure that you don't have too many hands in selected auto import folders in Configuration -> Auto Import. If there are too many hands then Hand2Note will be busy by importing hands and will not show HUD stats until import finishes.

    If auto-import works correctly, you will see that Hand2Note counts hands in the lower left corner of the main window:

    alt text

    Please also take a look at the next guide:

    Getting Started with Hand2Note

  • @keepcalm

    I've done all of that, but still no HUD coming up when playing, and when I click preview on hud editor, no stats appear for the players, it just says 0 hands and no stats.

    very frustrating!

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    1.)Please, follow next steps:

    1. Ensure that in the poker room client you enable option responsible for saving hand histories on a hard drive

    2. In Configuration -> Auto Import add the folder where your poker client saves hand histories. In the settings of poker client, you may check where it saves hand histories. Please note that only English letters should be used in the path.

    3. Ensure you have selected English language for Hand History in poker room client

    Also, ensure that you don't have too many hands in selected auto import folders in Configuration -> Auto Import. If there are too many hands then Hand2Note will be busy by importing hands and will not show HUD until import finishes.

    Han2Note as well as poker rooms you should add to exceptions of your anti-virus software and run as administrator.

    What name of HUD you want to preview?
    Could you please illustrate your question by screenshots of your Game Types settings? For example:
    alt text

  • 1_1512380809886_hud.PNG 0_1512380809886_config.PNG

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    Please, untick "Zoom":

    alt text

    and rebuild your statistics:

    alt text

  • ok that's worked, but if I play zoom surely I need that box ticked? as the HUD works on normal tables, but not zoom?!

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    HUD will works on both kind of tables

  • It doesn't work on zoom?

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    If you are playing Zoom tables, then you need to use StarsHelper or StarsCaption or TableOptimizer on PokerStars:

    FAQ. Supported Poker Rooms

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