Double or nothing SNG not counted correctly

  • Hello,
    I would like to know:

    1. if there is a way to manually edit tournament results (finishing place, $reward, ...).
    2. if there is a way to make H2N counting correctly the rewards for double or nothing SNG on PartyPoker (I'm playing on the PMU room).

    PS: I can't connect with my first account (Kharnacier) and don't get anything in my mailbox when I ask to reset my password :s

  • Global Moderator

    1. There is no way

    2. Could you please send to us the hand history sample where we can see the problem by email to with a link to your message on the forum.

  • @keepcalm :
    Ok, I'm gonna do that, thx for your quick answer.
    Any clue for my PS ? I don't understand why I don't get email to reset my password...

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