Hand2Note soft not running well in my computer

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm playing poker at Titanbet.es, an ipoker network site. Ive been trying the soft for ten days now so ive got 20 trial days left. Im a bit discouraged since i cant make it run properly. Hands are imported without problems from server database but afterwards most players statistics dont build in properly into huds and pop-ups. Besides H2N Icon is shown at the table but it doesnt display features to change hud, to see popups, change profile and so on. I must say default ADVANCED HUD is displayed at the table but without many of the statistics that should be shown.
    Ive also observed that xml hand history files from Titanbet database in my computer are driven to MY hands archive_h2n and converted into text files. Is that right?
    Ive no idea what else i can do to make Hand2note run well. Ive been watching videos, reading articles about how to configurate the software but they were no help to me.
    I would thank you telling me what should be done to solve these problems.
    Thanks very much for your help in advance .


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    Please specify what version of Hand2Note you are using

  • Im running version.
    I dont have Ipoker Editor installed but i play regular cash and tourneys tables .
    Every time i open the soft build in feature is visible as if i should click on it.
    When i click on it it runns for 1 or 2 seconds and then nothing is changed.
    Is it all right?
    My database only has 12.000 thousand hands and player with more hands has around 1.3k.
    Nickname, room and time are well defined.
    Import data and build in stats runs smoothly but afterwards i have almost no stats available on players, just VPIP and PRL.

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    Perhaps, you still do not have enough hands for some stats.

    Also, please note that all reg-vs-fish spots are excluded from the default statistics:

    alt text

  • Now that you pointed it out i guess you are right there are too few hands to have plenty of stats on players.
    Thanks for your prompt reply.

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