popups preflop range charts not allowed?

  • I just programmed a chart in hand2note using a simple matrix.
    Just for 3 different nash ranges. Hand2note tells me that allegedly this is not allowed due to the pokerroom policies.

    Even with pokertracker on pokerstars i was able to make myself preflop range popups, which aren't really against most sites rules.
    Also many of your third-party products seem to have features like range popups.

    Is there any way to get range popups to work?

    On which sites are these not allowed?

  • Global Moderator

    Since version any kind of preflop charts has been blocked in Popups and HUDs due to poker rooms policies compatibility:

    Hand2Note 3.2.1

    Unfortunately, it concerns ALL ROOMS.

    Currently, our development department is investigating this issue. Perhaps, static charts will be allowed again in the next updates.

  • @keepcalm
    Is it still not allowed? I would love to attach NASH charts and some preflop ranges to my popups

  • It is still not allowed.

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