pokermaster relogin required ?

  • Why would I need to relogin to pokermaster in order for the hud to work?

    There are already security concerns because the HUD has full access to everything. For the peace of mind it would be nice some technical explanations why the HUD can be trusted.....

    Does it transmit any kind of data to outside servers while I am playing (and if yes ...what kind of data?). Can work in offline mode?

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    This is necessary for Hand2Note to see the poker room. All your data is safe.

  • Ok ....It took me 10 minutes to figure out this one. You are using PCAP and PROTOBUF I guess you intercepting the encryption key used for communication the server send to the client when he logins . Then using the messages format exchanged between PM servers and clients you ve learned through reverse engineering Pokermaster APK you are constructing the hand in play. Pretty cool stuff

    One more question I have to repeat:

    What kind of data do you transmit back to your servers while I am playing using the HUD?

    Do you transmit all the hands I am playing or observing back to your server?


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    We transmit hand histories only.

  • @keepcalm
    Sorry for bringing up old topic, but could you clarify whether you send player's handhistory to your server? So basically you collect all your users handhistories with their hole cards?

    That's how I read your reply "We transmit hand histories only."

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    No, we don't collect your hands.

    Hand2Note saves your PokerMaster hand histories locally on your computer into C:\PokerMasterHh

  • @keepcalm
    Thank you and sorry for such controversial question, no accusations meant whatsover, just wanted clarification as the previous conversation in this thread was bit unclear about it.

    Thank you for the product and hope you get pokermaster hud back soon!

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