MPN Tools working with H2N?

  • Hi

    I bought mpn tools a couple of months ago and i could not make it work since than.
    I have tried it in two different computers but did not managed to find whats wrong.
    Everything works fine i can see the hud but the hud does not show any stats.
    I have tried it with all of my huds.
    I 've had a conversation with the support and they said in the end that it is because of the change in the hand history in april.
    But what i dont understand is that pokertracker can track hands and shows stats.
    My question is the h2n hud working somehow in the microgaming network?
    And if yes can you help me how should i make it work?

  • Global Moderator

    Thank you for contacting Hand2Note support.

    Currently, Hand2Note supports MPN via converters only.

    So, if you will find a converter that provides full hand histories for MPN you can use it with Hand2Note.

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