Pokermaster Potential Collusion

  • Hey guys

    First of all, I understand that this topic is not specific to Hand2Note. However I do think that this topic is very much in the interest of Hand2Notes client base and the poker community in general.

    I also felt that airing this on a forum such as 2+2 would attract too much attention to the PokerMaster app for obvious reasons.

    I believe at least in my own games and clubs there is significant collusion occuring in some fashion for the following reasons:

    a) Many of the 30/20 and 35/20 type regulars have played almost 15000 hands over the past 30 days. This equates to approximately 8 hours a day (!!!)
    b) Many of these regulars who sit at the same table have played a very similar number of games in the past 30 days.

    c) The 30/20 type stats make some sense for a potential colluder; having knowledge that the CO/BTN/HJ will fold incentivises an EP/MP player to open very wide, or knowing 3 other players hole cards clearly create very profitable 3betting situations.

    I have always accepted that with this app there will always be some sort of collusion due to its nature; with that being said I think the magnitude of the collusion is so bad that some of the games are now completely unbeatable even at the 5/10 - 20/40 level.

    I encourage anyone to share their thoughts here or to PM me. I personally do not know many people who play PM so would be interested to hear your own thoughts if you play the games regularly yourself.

  • If anyone is interested in discussing it further I've created a discord which I welcome you to join and share your thoughts.

  • Discord invite no longer valid.

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    if u have a wechat? Notice me, mine is wonderting

  • Link don't work. Could you create a skype group

  • Hey guys,

    I decided to close the original discord for a reason I dont really want to mention.

    I've since changed my mind and you can access the new one here

    To follow up the above and playing further I don't think these are bots; with that said I do think theres there is likely (although I can't rule out) significant collusion in some fashion.

  • @jason192

    I am interested since I have made similar observations and like to talk about it.

  • Collusion is a very common thing, almost 1/2 tables have them. There are 2 types of collusion - Regs and fish that play on 2 phones for example.

  • @jason192 interested in being in the discord group if you guys are still discussing this. Let me know

  • This group still going?


    Hi active grinders, join this so we can have an active chat among grinders!

  • Just about every single player you see with 30/20 stats and over 10k hands played on the account is a bot. Period. It's a gigantic issue. There's 1-3 at every table in a lot of the clubs with bigger traffic.

  • discord invite expired, invite me pls

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