HUD doesn't work

  • Hello , after new uptade my HUD simply ain't showing on PokerMaster. Is there any fix ?

  • @Weetex For me HUD works when I sit at the table but when I try to spectate it disappears so I downgraded to previous version and also I can´t see HUD on straddle position with new update but it might be because I use GT HUD package but works okish with older version ofc h2n. Btw. I had some rly weird stuff in results tab... limits I play are shown in pounds instead of RMB so my profits are nice but ofc not real:)

  • I've tried to lunch hud this morning and it didn't work and I thought "oh there is new version that should work" well it didn't. Gonna wait for support to help

    Tried to unistall all / done relog on pokermaster account ( emu version Momo 2.0.44 )

    recent windows uptades


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    Please follow the steps in the Troubleshooting section of our guide:


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