Trial version pokermaster HUD just jumped 90 days

  • Hi there.
    I just discovered that my trial date for Pokermaster HuD jumped from 97 days to 7 days overnight.... Explain plz ;) ! 0_1515586530888_upload-3a216a57-7f5f-41d3-b9c2-7ae7a878ea9f

  • Same for me and everyone I know using the PokerMaster HUD

  • Global Moderator

    The version of Hand2Note for PokerMaster was at the beta test stage, so the maximum trial period was enabled until the end of the testing phase. Currently, we have completed the beta test phase and now you need to purchase a subscription package to use HUD on PokerMaster. But we left 7 days trial before users made a purchase decision.

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