Importing from sidetracker's database doesn't work

  • If I run PT4 import what get the hands from the PS HH folder, H2N is not import any hands from the PT4 database. It seems like this function not working at all.

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    Please, аdjust auto import from side tracker's database:

    a) in Configuration -> Hud -> Autoimport check Import from side tracker database
    b) select your working database of HM or PT. Hand2Note will import hands from this database instead of taking it from folders of auto import.
    c) ensure that you started HM/PT while playing at the tables and activated selected database in it.

    Also, ensure that you don't have too many hands in selected auto import folders in Configuration -> Hud -> Auto Import. If there are too many hands then Hand2Note will be busy by importing hands and will not show HUD until import finishes.

    If the problem persists, follow these steps:

    1. If you are playing Zoom/Snap/Fast Forward/Speed tables, then you need to use StarsHelper or SessionLord on PokerStars, 888Caption on PacificNetwork, PartyCaption on Party / Bwin, iPoker Tools on iPoker Network.
    2. When using the applications from step 1, make sure that the settings in the chat option are enabled Everything
    3. Update to the latest version Hand2Note
    4. In the Configuration Settings -> Game Types, click Reset to default, and then click the Save Settings.

    All applications as well as poker rooms you should run as administrator.

  • Yes, everything is set up like this but still not importing from PT4 database . Every program is running as administrator so no clue what can be the problem.

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    What poker room you're playing in?

  • PokerStars

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    What version of Hand2Note have you installed?


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    We can't reproduce the problem described. Please, provide us with the additional information.

    1. Enable logging in Configuration -> System -> Logging
    2. Reproduce the problem
    3. Archive the folder with Hand2Note and send to us by email to with a link to your message on the forum or just attach archive right here in this topic

    You can use any convenient file sharing service, for example,, if the file exceeds 15MB

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