PokerMaster Straddle game HUD set up

  • How do I set up stats for straddle position?

    For example, Need to know fold vs btn steal.

    I want the other position to exclude straddle position as well.

    For example, Now I see I cold call from MP with Q7s. But it was actually I defend my straddle vs BTN in a 6 handed straddle game.
    In the default popup, my cold call EP is 23. That is way too high and I believe it include my straddle defend from UTG.

    I see the option Posted Straddle in the stats editor. I'm not sure what it means exactly. It means Posted straddle on the table? Or Posted straddle for this specific players?

  • Global Moderator

    You can define Position for a player or villain as straddle in Action Detail on Preflop in Stats Editor.

  • @keepcalm
    Thanks. Do you mean set UTG as straddle by marking posted straddle yes?

  • Global Moderator

    I mean you can define straddle for your stats

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