Trouble loading stats

  • So I just purchased H2N and I made some custom stats which I added to my hud. They include check/call flop as PRF in single raised pot, Check/Fold flop as PRF in single raised pot and check/raise flop in SRP as PRF. I cleared all my stats and did a rebuild but some of these stats still do not show up in my HUD. I made sure and tested the stats with your test function to make sure that they were working. Any help with this issue will be helpful.


    This is screen shot. The stats I mentioned are the last 3 in the bottom row.

  • Global Moderator

    Every time you have made some custom stats, then you should add the new stats in Popup/HUD and rebuild your statistics.

    Please note, the Popup/HUD should be assigned for your Game Types before rebuilding. For Example:

    alt text

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