I lost a lot of player

  • Hi. I play in Poker Master.
    Yesterday I have 5970 players in my DDBB, when I bought the Edge license 1 month more in my DDBB I have just 1355 players... How I recovered the other players and hands?

    I tried import hands to C:\MyHandsArchive_H2N and C:/program files/hand2note/logs too but the players are the same.

    Does not take new hands either, I bought ProTools (Vadim) HUD

  • The same problems ..
    1st I have Vadim HUD
    after update to new version h2n - h2n stop save hands into c:/PokerMasterhh

    2nd I created some stats and need to rebuild my database (before Clear Stars I had 109k hands 7500 players) after Build Stats hands - 107.5k but ony 5000 players. .. What is wrong ?

    edit - 1st - Poker Master HUD trial ends.... that is why h2n stop saving hands...

    but 2nd question still actual

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    Could you please send by email to support@hand2note the hand history sample where we can see the problem?

  • @keepcalm I sent you MyHandsArchive_H2N in email

    I lost to much players and hands. In 2018 folders I have only day 2 and 3, but I played to much more thits days

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    Hand2Note for PokerMaster saves hands into C:/PokerMasterhh

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