completely lost. hud not showing

  • hello . i recently purchased hand2note and imported 90k hands. when i click then go to hand replayer and replay a hand , i am completely lost. when i put the hud on default it will show villians number of hands, for example this one villian i have 900 hands on him. however when i look at the hud stats. everything shows 0. as if none of the hands i imported registered and displayed on the hud. then when i switch to my spinhud i purchased for hand2note. it doesnt even show any hands were imported for that hud. there is no tutorial or setup process. basicaly the setup process is 5 lines.

    i did all that and still nothing is working. i am lost, someone please help . there are no troubleshoot videos on youtube. and no guidelines or anything on the site. just a forum where i couldnt even find my answer

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    I see you already communicate with our support via email.

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