Some of zoom hands are missing frequently on Pokerstars

  • Like I said on title some of zoom hands are missing frequently

    I have been using Starshelper to work Hand2note on zoom table

    And Hand2note is working on zoom table

    But I don't know what am I missing a few hands

    whenever I play 300~500 hands I lost 1~3 hands from it

    I mean I can't find missing hands on hand2note and MyHandsArchive_H2N so I had to request my hands history to the Pokerstars.

    And I believe If I activate 'auto import from side tracker's databse'

    above problem might not happen and working charm

    If you test it on your computer with starshelper and activationg option 'archive hand histories into directory' You will verify this problem

    Please fix this problem Thank you!

  • Global Moderator

    In all previous cases, this only happened when the room did not save some hands locally on PC.

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