Impossible to find location HH pokermaster

  • Hello everybody,

    I just subscribed at HUD h2N, and i can't find the file location from handhistory pokermaster.

    I read in hand2note help support that there is a random location into ''C:/PokerMasterHh''
    Unfortunaly, This file doesn't exist in my computer.

    I need to know if I want to auto import my HH pokermaster and use a HUD H2N.

    I use Nox and MOMO as emulator, and i don't know where is installed my room pokermaster.

    Thank you for your help

  • Im my case, HH is located at D:/PokerMasterHh - I installed Pokermaster at D:/.
    Why don't you search with keyword "pkermasterhh" in your computer?

    I mean I installed hand2note at d:/ , not pokermaster

  • How can you decide the location when you install pokermaster ? I never had the possibility because I installed pokermaster in android emulator.

    When I do i research of pokermaster, I find nothing :(

  • hmmm,

    I am thinking if the pokermaster files should be find in the emulator android or in the computer.

    has Someone an idea ?

  • Global Moderator

    You do not need to specify in Auto Import settings the path for PokerMaster hand history.

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