PM HUD Bug on 3bets

  • Hi there,

    using Pokermaster Default (well edited one or two things, but error already occured with Default) and every time Hero gets 3bet "wild HUD" appears and pops up all over the table. Looks like all positions of maybe the 3bet-stats get shown, not sure...

    Any1 else with the same problem? Anything I can do against this?

    alt text

  • Global Moderator

    Please try to follow the next steps:

    1. Check that you have installed all the latest updates for Windows

    2. If you need to save your settings, copy your Config folder in a safe place before uninstalling Hand2Note:

      FAQ. Moving Config

    3. Uninstall Hand2Note.

    4. After the uninstallation has finished, please delete all files from the install directory (default folder is located in C:\Program Files\Hand2Note).

    5. Reinstall the latest version of Hand2Note from our website.

    Then, run Hand2Note as administrator in the default configuration and check whether the issue persists.

  • Running both, latest Win and H2N updates. Deinstalled with Revo Uninstaller and reinstalled. No success, same issue :-(

  • Global Moderator

    Did you follow step 4 after uninstalling as described in my previous post?

  • Yep, just tried again. Completely uninstalled, so everything got deleted -> installed new. Choosing Default Pokermaster HUD -> first time Hero got 3bet HUD breaks :(
    How can I switch of the "dynamical HUD"? Rather have it switched off completely than blocking my buttons after every 3b...

  • Global Moderator

    You can select default HUD and Popup in Configuration->Game Types:

    alt text

    Do not forget to rebuild the statistics after that:

    alt text

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