Hand2Note and Starscaption are not working together ?

  • Hey, so my problem is, if i run Hand2Note with Starscaption and i open a new table the hud does not show the stats and on the session window the hands are get not shown and refereshed. But the weird thing is when i clear stats and after that build stats everything is working again all hands are get shown and the hud shows all stats? But i dont want to do this everytime if i open a new table, because i open often new ones cause of time bank. Also intresting is that if i have starscaption off everything is working completley fine all hands get shown and i dont have to clears stats and so on. So i think it is because of starscaption but i didnt find a solution for it. So maybe you guys can help me ?

    Thanks for the help.

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    It doesn't require any special settings of the poker client, except these:

    1. StarsCaption as well as poker room and Hand2Note you should add to exceptions of your anti-virus software and run as administrator.

    2. Poker client must be English.

    3. The system time on the computer to be correct, otherwise the program may not work (startup message will appear "License server is not responding").


    Besides, if the problem persists, you can contact the StarsCaption support:


  • just to know, why hand2note need partycaption? witch option in partycaption hand2note need?

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