Hand2Note/PostgreSQL/Pokermaster issues

  • I just recently downloaded H2N and imported all my hands from Pokerstars/Holdem Manager 2 and everything worked great, then started playing on Pokermaster and everything was great for 2-3 days. I made an alias for my Pokerstars hands and one for all my Pokermaster hands. Everything continued to work fine and then yesterday I started to not be able to open my Pokermaster alias report. I can open the Pokerstars one but not the Pokermaster one. In fact I can open a report on some of my Pokermaster aliases but one in particular won't open.

    I did a 'vacuum/analyse' of my database in PGAdmin and received an error:

    ERROR: invalid page header in block 1138921 of relation base/36013559/48072260

    Yesterday, around the time everything started to go wrong, I got a blue screen with the error:


    I also cannot open Holdem Manager 2. It can't connect to the PostgreSQL database and I have an error which says:


    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

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    I see you already communicate with our support via email.

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