range research doesn´t work with an alias

  • I put my alias (pokermaster) and apply the range reseach but doesn´t work (only shows one user stats)

    with the alias of a friend works properly with same config and works for regs/fishes searchs.

    I clear stats and build it again but doesn´t work

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    Range Research designed to explore ranges of different types of players in the spots where you usually don’t have enough sample on your opponent. Therefore, Hero's statistics excluded from Range Research reports automatically.

  • what? i always use this way to study my own game. It´s the ideal way to compare my stats with the metageme stats.

    How can i see all my stats then? the report stats are so basic and i can´t create my own report with stats that i want like on hm2 or pt4 (or i am wrong?)


  • exactly! give us option to analyse our own game...

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    Nodeloco said:

    How can i see all my stats then?

    You can see your stats by double-clicking on your nickname in the main window of Hand2Note.

  • Well yeah we can but its only one of our account... as you know on pokermaster you need to have multiple accounts to be able to play on multiple tables. So if you got lets say 4 accounts you cant see your overall stats...

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    Yes, I know. And we are waiting for a new solution from our development department for this case.

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