hud not working

  • hi im trying to do this. i only installed the hud this week

    "All applications as well as poker rooms you should add to exceptions of your anti-virus software and run as administrator"

    can you show me the exactly what i need to exempte and exactly where they are found please? i cant find them anywhere?

    im having a problem with my hud i would like help with please as well. the hus is not showing any stats in the hus or in the popups. im playing on powermaster. the hand2note is showing that hands are being imported. and if i hover over the icon i can see hands that the player played. but there are no stats showing?

    please help asap tks

  • Global Moderator

    To get started with Hand2Note PokerMaster HUD, please, follow instructions in our guide:

    Hand2Note PokerMaster HUD

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