Seeing your stats vs your opponent in your HUD

  • Hi,

    I play HU hypers and would like to switch perspectives and see what my stats look like vs a certain opponent in my HUD.

    Any ideas on how I could go about doing this?

    Thank you!

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    In order to estimate how the opponent sees your stats, perform the following steps:

    1.Click the left mouse button on any part of the HUD for your opponent, in order to open the general Popup.

    2.Click on the Settings icon and select Show Hero stats:

    alt text

  • @keepcalm I followed your instructions and clicked on "Show hero stats" but nothing happened after.

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    What do you mean? Could you please take screnshoots "before" and "after"?

  • I followed the instructions but it is showing me all of my hands in my DB and not just the hands I have played vs the selected opponent. I only play HU and 3H so would like to see what my stats look like only vs the person I am playing.

    Also, when I switch to "Show hero stats" in the popup and switch it back to player stats my HUD will still only be showing my stats. It won't go back to how it used to be. Do I have to change something else or is this a bug?


  • just construct HERO HUD ........

    Below MY HU HUD - on the right "show only on HERO" - HERO stats from current table

    alt text

    Good option is to create some basic HUD for HERO with major stats

  • @keepcalm I also tried your suggestion and the only thing that happens is that the stats in the popup become blank. My actual HUD still stays the same and my stats don't even appear in that.

    Also, I would ONLY like hands I have played vs my current opponent to show up in my HUD. Not my all time stats vs everyone. Does anyone know how to do this?

    Thank you PlusEVqba for your suggestion of creating just a Hero HUD, but I have like a million stats and it would take forever to click each cell and change it to just vs Hero. Also, would it show me my all time stats or only vs a certain opponent?

    Any help in solving this would be greatly appreciated!!

  • Before switching to "Show Hero's stats"




  • Create simple HERO HUD - 2-3 statistics

    And than when You click into HUERO HUD at the table it shows yourse popup from current table.

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