lose note hand

  • Hi. Because when I made clear stats and then build stats I lose the marked notes in the hands of the rivals? Is there any way to export the notes and when do clear and build stats re-import them?

  • backup
    C:\Program Files\Hand2Note\Notes

  • It's that folder I see the notes but on the tables when clicking on the players appear empty.
    How do I import them to the notes?

  • How can I make a backup?

  • To back up your database i used the following procedure:

    Press Win+R in windows
    Type %appdata%
    Go to Hand2Note folder and copy the "h2ndb" folder
    3/ Go to C:/Program Files/Hand2Note and copy the "Marked Hands" and "Config" and "Notes"
    Reinstall Hand2Note

    Copy paste back in the Marked hands and Config Folders in their respective places
    Go to configuration (F12) / Database and click "change" to change location of the database to the backup.

    gl !

  • The notes shouldnt disappear when you rebuild stats/database as theyre in their own folder (in the H2N installation directory) along with color marker data.

    Not sure why they ended up being lost.

    Hope above helped anyway

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