PokerMaster Time left table + Rake + FixWR

  • hi , would be great add some features on PokerMaster :
    1-Add time to table ends on HUD ( Each table have time to end , add this info into HUD stats)

    2-Add rake (Rake in PokerMaster is a fix % on end tables where hero is winner ) .
    This funtion help a lot to get real WinRates , actual WinRates are not real with big difference to real money won.
    Max time to have a table running is 6h , after this 6h running add 5% rake if we are winning and 0% rake if we are losing.

    3-Add separate accounts info into cash reports when we have diferents accounts with one alias.(it could be nice to check separate accounts info opening just alias )

  • Global Moderator

    Perhaps we will add the opportunity to build sessions by tables in order to be able to count rake.

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