Want to buy Your product, but..

  • Hi.

    I would like to buy Your product, but i got nice hud created by myself throught the years, almoast every pop-up is myself made too from scratch si it would be super huge pain in the ass to do it all from the start and too much time consuming for me to do, but i saw You wrote somewhere on the site that You can make that transfer easier for players from other trackers is it mean You can import somehow my stuff from Hm-2 ? (Becouse i didn saw such option myself) or You can do it by Yourself faster the me etc, becouse to be honest otherwise i think i will must pass on Your product.

    Waiting for Your anwser and wish You best.

  • Global Moderator

    Please take a look at the next guide:

    Private HUD order service

    If you want to make the order, send email to support@hand2note.com with a detailed request as described in the guide above .

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