how to set up Range Research for diff stacksize

  • Hey,

    I would like to use the Range Research for different Stacksize in MTT (40bb+ and 25-40bb).

    I tried to go to the Game types and set the Big Blind size. But this is apparently not correct bc this fields mean the absolut value of the bigblind ? bc if i run 40bb+ i have 1.6 mio hands in database but if i run it on 25-40bb just 60k and in 0-25bb 0 hands. So how do differ the range Research for different stacksizes? And yes i cleared stats and rebuild stats after having saved the diff game types.


    Thanks for your answer


  • Global Moderator

    Try to change ranges for BB sizes: 0-24; 25-39; 40+ and rebuild your statistics.

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