h2n hud show 2-5 players' data in full ring table? Is there a filter

  • I play full ring table, sometimes there will be only 2-5 players on the table. The 2-5 players vpip,pfr will far from the full ring table, but the h2m still record the data to my hud.
    Could h2n only show the hud of 7-10 players on table? (Is there a filter?)
    Otherwise when i play full ring the data which including the 2-5 players' data will have big deviation

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    You can split your game types by the number of players in Configuration->Game Types:

    alt text

  • if i split the game into 6-10 and 3-5 in the game type, when the full ring game only have 5 players, is the hud will only show below 5 players data?

    I split the game in to two type and still choose same hud, when the players is under 5, the hud only show no datas, is it normal?

  • if i change the game type, then the hud will auto filiter the data according to the game type?(such as type 6-10 only show 6-10 players data on my hud, when the players become to 3-5, the hud will show 3-5 players data on my hud)

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