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  • Hey is there some glossary or something somewhere where I can check what the abbreviations mean? Since there a quite different from the ones normally used..


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    You can see each filter in detail if hover the mouse pointer over the filter in the Filter Editor:
    alt text

  • Okay, but thats not what I meant. I wonder about the following abbrv.:

    in the normal playerpopup: PR PRR CR CRR
    and in the preflop VPIP/PFR popup: FCR

  • Hello, they mean following:

    PR = preflop raiser (play as RFI)
    PRR = preflop reraiser (play as 3bet)
    CR = call raise (play as cold caller)
    CRR = call reraise (play as 3bet caller)

    FCR = fold call raise (after it u would c each of this stat writen in form of x/x/x.

    information is 100% valid, even im just a H2N Russian user.

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