Hand2note using too much ram

  • Hello there,

    I play on pokermaster. I am using hyper edge h2n with dynamic HUD.

    My older notebook started doing this with 8GB RAM, so I bought new PC. But its all the same again, eve with much more stronger PC and 16GB RAM.

    Do you know what to do ? My h2n licence is for next 11 months and its pretty frustrating.

    It happens when I enter "reports" "session" section or if I leave it running for a longer time. Even when I close my tables, nothing changes and I have to close h2n with task manager. Ram usage is jumping between 40%-99%, so clearly, there is not something right and should be some solution.

    Maybe you have encountered this before

    Thank you for your help guys..


  • Global Moderator

    Please, provide us with the additional information.

    1. Enable logging in Configuration -> Other Options -> Logging (You can remove old log files in the folder C:\Program Files\Hand2Note\logs to reduce the size of an archive.)

    2. Reproduce the problem

    3. Archive the folder with Hand2Note and send to us by email to support@hand2note.com with a link to your message on the forum.

    4. Please, make a visual representation of the problem. For example, short video or screenshots where we can see a bug. This will help us a lot to reproduce and fix the problem.

    You can use any convenient file sharing service, for example, http://www.dropbox.com/, if the file exceeds 15MB

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