• Hi Guys i pretend to buy the Hand2note this week but i have a little problem, after like 4-5hours grindind the PC star lagg a lot.
    Mi configuration:
    8GB Ram
    AMD FX 6300 3,50 GHZ
    SO 64BITS WIN 7
    MOTHERBOARD ASRock N68-S3 FX (CPUSocket)
    I don't have problems with temperature in the Processador.
    Using SSD 120GB
    Mi database is like 18GB and i have 25GB free on the disk SSD
    But when i put other database who had 300MB work just fine!.

  • Look, today i excluide my database and install the last postgressSql version and create a new database with like 6GB, and work just fine. But ofc i need to know if is going to be llagin when mi database is growing...

  • Global Moderator

    No, it should work without lags.

  • Ok, but the configuration of mi computer is ok to use hand2note?

  • you might have some kind of crypto miner. look through task magager and look for a weird process using a lot of your CPU or run a virus scan. gl fixing it

  • @jason192
    I don't think so. But for now work just fine with a small database i hope when the database growing work just fine too

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