Couple questions

  • Hi,

    1. Is there any way to see Hero HUD? If I play any table, everybody except me have HUD.
    2. I would like to use other font style (Garamond, Sans Serif, Verdana,...) in the HUD but I can't find any choice.
    3. I setup the oppportunities in the Stats Appearance to 15 which means I can see the opp of any stat if it lower than 15. But I can't see the difference of the opps if it is greater, and it really matters between 20 and 200. Where can I see it?
    4. I had some difficulty creating stats and there's no manual and nothing to learn it. So plese create for me a correct SB defend stat to understand it. SB defend means one or more palyers raised before SB and he doesn't fold (call, 3bet, ... is allowed)


    1. at this moment there is no opportunity to display hero hud.
    2. at this moment just one font only is available
    3. dunno maybe it availbe in popup but only in edge block, im nut sure about it, better wait for support respond.
    4. i can help ure w stats creating but not for free. If u need help PM me your Skype.

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    1. You can see it in Popups.

    2. Hand2Note: Creating Stats

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