Video - Creating Custom Stats - Error?

  • Hello

    So at around 2mins when you are explaining how to make BB 3b vs BU stat you wanted to exclude hands where SB 3b and BB 4b.

    You said that to do this we should mark VILLIAN action to 'First non-fold action on street'

    But surely it is the PLAYER action that we need to mark to 'First non-fold action on street' as these then indicates that the SB folded.

    If we mark VILLAIN action to 'First non-fold action on street' then what happens in between VILLAIN action and PLAYER action is not accounted for?

  • Villain raises first in on the BU that is the first non fold action. Player then raises as the second action thus SB is automatically counted as a fold.

  • @HudMaster

    Ah ok, I understand now thank you

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